November 3, 2015

T is for Turkey

Since Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, we have started to doing our Thanksgiving preschool activities. We are starting with T is for Turkey. I want to review shapes, colors, and letters with my son so I made these fun worksheets for him to do.

For this activity  cut out all the letters and put them in a bowl. Then have your child pull out a letter and identify it. Then say Turkey, Turkey, don't run away. I am going to stuff you with the letter ... and then say whatever letter was just pulled out. 

Just cut out each turkey and line them up on one row. Then cut the colored square and have your child match the colors and say what each color is. 

This activity is simple because your child does all the work. Have your child cut out each shape square and then glue on to the matching turkey shape.


Looking for another turkey activity? Here is a link to a fun Turkey hunt!

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