August 13, 2015

Preschool learning binder

A few years ago I made a learning binder for my oldest child that focused on different subjects. I have LOVED this binder. It is great for quiet time, to take in the car, or those times they just need something to keep them occupied when you are somewhere such as the doctor's office. We have even taken it on vacations!

UPDATE 11/03/2018: You can now purchase a digital version of this learning book at Little Wiggles Design. It is personalized with your child's name. Not all these activities are included in the pearschool learning book and those activities not included are still available for free download here!

I recently  put together a preschool learning binder for my preschooler and I am excited to share all the worksheets and activities I have in it. 

I purchased a 1.5" binder to put all the worksheets in and used this cute cover from Joy of Kindergarten. There is a girl version available too.

So the worksheets can be used over and over again, I laminated all my worksheet and then we use washable dry eraser marker. The preschool learning binder is organized into categories and I have a page divider between categories.

Below are the categories 
Progressive name spelling
I download free front from this website to make this. The names of the fonts are ABC Print Arrow, ABC Print Arrow  Dotted, and ABC Print Dotted.

Alphabet tracing and writing

Alphabet Tracing

Other letter sound worksheets:

 Finding numbers 1-10

Matching numbers 1 - 10
Matching numbers 11 - 20

Matching dots with numbers
Progressive number writing 1 - 9

Tracing number 1 - 10

Shape tracing

Matching shapes

Shape pattern mazes

There are 11 rhyming pages in this packet. 
You can download them all here

Line tracing

Picture tracing

Other which one is different worksheets
3 Dinosaurs
 (Look through each printable pack to find which one is different worksheets)

Beginner Mazes
Mr. Printables
Worksheet Fun

Easy word search puzzles
Mr. Printables

I like having all the worksheets together in one binder and that it is easy to put together.The best thing about this binder is my boys actually enjoy doing these activities. My preschooler always ask if he can do his "homework." Hopefully he will still be excited when he actually has real homework!

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