August 25, 2015

Fun ways to get your child to do chores

In our house, we already have our routine chart that we follow each morning but now it is time to add some chores in our routine too. I wanted to create simple chore cards for them to follow and I was growing frustrated with not finding exactly what I wanted and then I came up with this idea.

Left to right, top to bottom: Empty dishwasher, put shoes away, put your clean clothes away, put dirty clothes in hamper, dust the furniture, get the mail, water the garden, pick up your toys, and sweep the floor.
I created these chore cards by taking pictures of chores in our home that need to be completed. I like this idea because by using our own pictures because they recognize the items in the picture and know exactly what they need to do. 

One of the best ways to get my boys to do their chores is through play. Here are some examples:

They use this dump truck to pick up toys, put away clean clothes, carry in groceries, or get the mail. They will use this dump truck anyway they can when it comes to chores. It's their favorite.

They also use their shopping cart and while they pick up toys, they pretend they are at the store buying new toys,

When it is their turn to sweep the floor, we move all the chairs away from the table. We line up the chairs and pretend we are riding a train or school bus.

Finally here are some chore ideas for your young kids

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