October 17, 2013

Tutorial on how to make a spiderweb shirt

I love Halloween time but usually opt to wear a Halloween shirt vs. a costume. For the last 6 years, I have worn the same Halloween shirt so I decided this year, it was time to upgrade. I saw this idea on pinterest but there was no pattern available so I tackled the task of making a spiderweb pattern. I didn't turn out exactly how I wanted but I decided no spider web is perfect so my shirt didn't need to be either.

To make this shirt, you can download and print the spiderweb pattern here. Then follow these steps:

1. Line up the spider web pattern and tape together.

2. Cut the paper pattern out,  then place it on top of your shirt, and trace the pattern onto the shirt using a white fabric pencil or white chalk.

3. Then I cut the pattern out on your shirt.

1 comment:

  1. So cute, Natalie! Can't wait to see it tonight :) I just downloaded and printed the ABC movement cards you made. We have some other ones but I like the idea of incorporating the alphabet on them. Thanks! -Melissa