October 26, 2015

Free Child's apron pattern and tutorial

My boys love to help me in the kitchen. They often borrowed my aprons that were two sizes (or more) to big. Back a few years ago, I decided to surprise them with their own kid size aprons.

With the holidays, many people spend more time in the kitchen cooking and baking all the holiday goodies, so I thought this would be a good time to share my child's apron pattern and tutorial and let your kids have some fun in the kitchen!

This apron pattern is simple and it even has an option for to have a adjustable neck strap. All the details on how to make these aprons are below. 

My boys two years ago in their aprons. 

These two aprons are my favorite that I recently helped my 
sister make them for her two kids.
Aren't they adorable?

Are you ready to make your own? You will need to make a few decisions on the design of the apron before you can begin. 

First decision is deciding if you want to add a pattern or design to the front of your apron.

In this tutorial has the option of having a adjustable neck strap or continuous neck strap. So this will be your second decision.

If you look closely at the aprons pictured above, an adjustable neck strap was made. The neck strap was attached using either buttons and snaps. You will need additional fabric and materials for these options. See the tutorial for more information and the what you need to make this apron!

DOWNLOAD the child's apron pattern and tutorial here

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