July 31, 2015

DIY Baymax shirt

Do you have Baymax fans? I have two in my house and they love Baymax. I can't count how many times we have watched the movie and lost track of how many times a day they say quotes from the movie. I even them made them a Baymax costume.

I really liked this template I found from Koalipops and knew it would be a perfect template to use and make it into a shirt. 

I was able to take Koalipops template and make it into this template. 

I am so excited about the end result and the shirt turned out 
better than I had hoped. 

This Baymax template is available for download here
This image can be resized. 

To make this shirt, all you will need is a t-shirt and t-shirt iron on transfer paper. On the back of the iron on transfer package, there are directions for how to print your image and transfer your image onto the t-shirt. There are two different kinds of iron on paper. One for transferring onto light colors and another for transferring onto dark colors. Buy the appropriate iron on transfer paper for the color of shirt you have choose. 

I know your Baymax fans are going to love this shirt just like my fans love theirs!

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