July 28, 2015

Tutorial on how to make a Birthday Calendar Display

Keeping track of family birthdays can be difficult but with making a birthday calendar that you can use year after year will help you remember upcoming birthdays. 

I had an old cooling wire rack that was rusting and almost threw it away. I am glad I kept it because it was perfect for making this adorable birthday calendar! 

The best thing about this calendar is it can be customized and printed from your own computer. And if you need to add birthdays, you just print out a new month sheet and swap it with the old sheet.  

Follow the instructions below to make your own birthday calendar display
  • Begin with a 10 X 16 cooling wire rack. I bought my black and so I used spray paint to get it white. 
  • Use this template to fill in your birthdays. Then print it off onto white card stock and cut out all the sheets and birthday letters. 
  • Attach the sheets by using glue dots and then attached the birthday letters with string.  Tape each letter onto the string and the tie the end of the strings to the top of the cooling rack. Then to hide the knot, you can add mini clothespins for decoration. 
I hope you will enjoy this birthday calendar display and it will help you to never forget a birthday again. 

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