September 16, 2013

Preschool: Color Yellow

Color Focus Book
Ten Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle

Song: Happy Song
Ducks in the Pond quack a happy song
Mother Hen cackles the whole day long
Birds in their nest and wind in the treetops
All join in singing a happy song

Activity: Use blue food coloring and water to turn your bathtub into a duck pond. Let your child play with yellow rubber duck. Use the yellow rubber ducks to practice counting. 

It was a warm day at our house so we skipped the bathtub, grabbed a clear plastic bin and headed outside.  

Color Focus Book
Yellow by Sarah L Schuette

Color Focus Book
Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell 
(Focusing on Yellow Lion)

Activity: Dear Zoo story props. Use the story props and help your child place the animals in their correct cage. The story props can be found here
Activity: Keep the Lion in the cage
This is from a zoo animal playdough mat set from the website Sparkle Box.
To minimize the mess, I had my child use use yellow pip cleaner. You can download the playdough mat using this link. Scroll down on the page and the download is titled Zoo animal playdough mats

 Art Activity: Post it flag lion
I found this adorable simple craft from the blog Having Fun at Home

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