September 22, 2013

Free tutorial on how to make trick or treat bags


I made these cute trick or treat bags last year for my boys but never got around to sharing a tutorial on how to make them. They were really easy to make, even your kids can get involved and there are are so many different ways to design and personalize your child's bag. I choose to do my children's first initial of their name and a Halloween silhouette. I let my oldest choose the font of his letter, his silhouette, and fabric and he also helped with little brothers, since my youngest was too little to know what Halloween was all about.

Here is what you need.
  • Canvas Tote bag
  • Rit Dye, any color of your choice
  • Fabric of your choice
  • Heat on transfer

1. Color your bag using Rit Dye
There are easy to follow instructions on the box or you can go here to get instructions of different dyeing techniques. After you dyed your bag, you can either dry item in the dryer or air dry. I recommend you dry item in the dryer so you can complete this project more quickly.

2. Choose your bag design
For my children's first initial of their name I used Halloween font in Word and then did a Google search to find my silhouette. Once you have chosen the size of design, print them out on regular paper.

3. Cut out your fabric
Place the your design on top of the fabric and cut out. 

4. Heat on transfer your design to the bag
Decided where you want to place your design and then follow the directions on the back of the heat transfer package for how to transfer your image onto the bag.

And you are all done! 

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