September 9, 2013

Preschool lesson plan on the color red

Color Focus Book
Red by Sarah L Schuette

Activity: Go on a color hunt and collect things that are the color red

Color Focus Book
Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchines

Art Activity: Apple Stamping
Instructions: Cut an apple in half, have your child dip the apple into red paint and stamp onto white cardstock paper.

Color Focus Book
Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown

Activity: Big Red Barn spinning wheel.
I found this idea from Storytime ABC's but could not find a pattern to print out so I made this printable to share. 

I used this wheel to identify some farm animals and the sound that each of them make. I came up with this little tune as I was spinning the wheel.

The Animals on the Farm
(Sung to the tune The Farmer in the Dell)
The animals on the farm, the animals on the farm, heigh ho the dairy oh which animal is in the red barn? 

This tune is also included in the printable download that you can find here.

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