December 2, 2015

Free preschool lesson unit: Five senses of Christmas part 3

This is part 3 of 3 for a free preschool lesson unit on the five senses of of Christmas.
Part 1 can be found here and here is a link to Part 2.

So far we learned about sight, taste, and hear. Part 3 is about touch and smell.

 I begin with reading One Snowy Night by M. Christina Butler
This story is about a cute little hedgehog who wake up on a snowy Christmas to find a present front Father Christmas. But Hedgehog prickles get in the way and it won't fit. Then he had a wonderful idea and it return got the greatest present of all. This book is also a touch and feel book so it fits perfectly with out lesson unit.

Other books
Snow Bunny's Christmas Wish by Rebecca Harry

 Ten little Christmas presents by Jean Marzollo

Pip and Squeak by Ian Schoenherr

P is for Presents
Cover the letter P with Christmas bows
DOWNLOAD the letter P template HERE

Bow color sort 

Bow parachute

Writing letters to Santa

Present Etiquette


Gingerbread Man Poem
and Gingerbread Man story props from Kiz Club

Gingerbread Cookie Bakery Chant
This cute chant was adapted from Little Hands, Big Work
There are a 11 colors in this PRINTABLE
Have your kids sit in a circle with the gingerbread cookies in the middle. Choose one child to go first and repeat the bakery chant, help identify the color if needed and repeat as many times as you would like, giving each child a turn,

Simple paper gingerbread houses
DOWNLOAD this  gingerbread house TEMPLATE
Have several different paper stripes for the the kids to choose from for the trim and then I used a once inch circle paper punch for the circles. 

Glue the shapes on the gingerbread man

Make gingerbread cookies

That completes the five senses of Christmas preschool unit. 
Have a Merry Christmas!