August 21, 2013

Elephant Softie Tutorial

My sister was having her first baby girl and was doing an elephant theme for her baby girl's room. I made her this softie toy to go along with her theme.

Here is how I did it

First gather your material and find your pattern, I found my elephant pattern here. I liked that the patterns are offered in various sizes so you can choose how small or big you want your softie to be. The material will vary depending on the size of your object but you will need.
  • Fabric
  • Felt (optional)
  • Ribbon 
  • Jingle bells

2. Using your pattern, you need to cut out two fabric pieces and cut your ribbons. I didn't measure the length of my ribbons, I just varied on the length.

*Optional: If you want to add a felt heart like I did, then you will want to cut and sew the heart onto  the center fabric before the next step

3. Ready to pin!. Take one fabric piece right side up and place the ribbons where you would like them, you can also choose the length of the ribbon in this step.

4. After you have your ribbons in place, sew the elephant pieces together, right sides together. Make sure to leave about a 2 inch opening which I choose to do at the bottom of the elephant so you can  turn the elephant right side out and stuff.

5. Use a small scrap of fabric to make a pouch and enclose the jingle bells (I used 3) . Sew along all edges.

6. Stuff the elephant and then place the jingle bell pouch in the middle of the stuffing.

7. Hand sew the opening closed and you are done!

This is the first time making a softie toy so I also made the one below for practice. 


What is great about this project is you can do just about any shape/object you want and it makes a great little inexpensive toy!

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