August 15, 2013

Color focused activities for preschool

I have mentioned before that I will be starting preschool for my little man who is going to be two in September. I have been working on my lesson plans and activities. Many of these activities I did with my older and I am so excited to spend time with my younger son doing some of the same activities.  Here is some fun things I have planned.

Color bingo
Download your free color bingo here
Since my little man is still young, I wanted to create a game for him that would only focus on a few colors at a time so he won't get overwhelmed. This set I made includes bingo calling cards and four bingo boards. 

Apple carton color sort
I have seen a lot of color sorts with people using muffin tins but didn't want to necessarily go out and buy one. However, we do buy a lot of apples from Costco and the apple carton works great

Pill container color bead sort
I was in line at the dollar store when I saw this 7 day pill container with all the different colors. I love finds like this and it will fit in well with my colors preschool lessons. I like these containers because they are small and compact, you can take them apart or keep them together, and they are great for small objects.

After sorting the beads, it also makes a great music shaker. You can have your child also practice twisting the containers together to tune up their fine motor skills.

Clothespin color wheel
Download your free color wheel here
I made this color wheel awhile back when I did a toddler busy bag exchange in my neighborhood. It was around Easter time and it was hard to find clothespins for all the color, so I bought wooden clothes pins and used Easter egg dye to stain the clothespin. However I do think Rit dye would be even better.

Dice color game
 The first dice I made (one the left) for my boys was so well used, I had to make another one. For the dice on the left I used scrapbook paper and mod podge. For the dice on the right I used felt and hot glue. These dice provides hours of entertainment and can be used in so many different ways to teach colors and numbers for when they are older. Some of our favorite games are color scavenger hunt or what we call color hop.

For color scavenger hunt, your child rolls the dice and for example if they  lands on red, then they have to go find something red in the house and bring it to you (It goes great with the apple carton color sort).

For color hop, lay out color mats all over in the room. Have your child roll the dice and then  race to whatever color the dice lands on. Of course  you can give them a little bit of a head start so they can figure out what color was rolled and where the color is in the room. 

Musical color hop
For musical hop, you turn on some music and have your child walk around the circle. You stop the music at any time and when the music is stopped, your child also stops and then names what color is in front of them. You can add some gross motor skills by having them do various actions such as crawling around the circle, hopping around the circle, etc.  Even though my 4 year old already knows his colors, he still loves to play this game.

Other fun color focused activities

Color matching board from Childcare Land

Color match car parking from The Princess and the Tot

High five hand felt from Toddler Toddler

Sorting Legos from The Unlikely Homeschool

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