June 4, 2013

First Aid Kit for on the go

I have been wanting to put together a first aid kit for my kiddos that I could carry with me in my diaper bag. I  had the supplies for quite some time but the problem was I couldn't find anything to carry them in that appealed to me. I have looked and looked and finally there it was at Target in the dollar section.

I found these reusable sandwich bags that came in a pack of three. 
They are deep enough to put all of my supplies in and  it Velcros shut.

So you want to know what I put in there?

Hand sanitizer, Band-aids, Kleenex, alcohol wipes, Neosporin to go, 
and anti-itch cream for those bug bites. 

 I am thrilled to finally have first aid kit to carry around.

1 comment:

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