August 6, 2013

Preschool learning board

I decided to send my oldest to preschool this next school year which means I will have one and one time with my little man who will be two in September. His attention span is short but I still want to give him a head start on learning. I plan on beginning with colors, then basic shapes, followed by counting 1-5. 

*CLICK HERE to see another learning board idea

In anticipation with starting preschool with him, I put together this display using a tri-fold board. I love how it turned out and plan on using at the beginning of each preschool day to to name each color, shape, and number. I also included the alphabet to help him learn the ABC song as he gets a little bit older.

When making this display, I found crayon printables that I wanted to use but the website with the crayon printables is not longer accessible so I decided to created my own and I am excited to share them with you. I am also working on other color themed printables so continue to check back throughout the school year for your preschool lesson plans. 

Download for free here

You can find the shapes from the website Click here for the link to download the shapes for free. 

*Disclaimer: The heart was not included in this shape set and I wanted the star and diamond to be a different color. They are my own design and different from the designs at

You can find the numbers from doing a Google search using the keyword "number clip art" Almost all the numbers came from

Unfortunately, I cannot find the website that I download the alphabet from but there are many alphabet printables that you can download for free!

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