June 30, 2015

LDS Quiet Binder

I have always wanted to make a church binder for my boys and I am so excited for the books to be complete. I am happy with how they turned out and the boys seem to enjoy them as well.  All the pages in were laminated and put together in a 3 ring binder along with a zipper pouch for washable dry eraser markers. The activities are for children ranging from age 3 and up. Illustrations used are Image Copyright of Melonheadz Illustrating unless noted. Below are all the activities I put together and links to other wonderful ideas.

Update 10/5/2018. Our Home Creations has opened an Etsy shop under the name 
Little Wiggles Design. 
You will find some of these activities as well as many others at www.littlewigglesdesign.etsy.com 

Click here to LDS Quiet Binder PART 2

This game was inspired by the game Spot It! If you haven't heard of this game, it is basically a matching game. It is fun and simple to play. 

Book of Mormon Character Flashcards
Image copyright of James H. Fullmer

To go along with the Book of Mormon Character flashcards, I created these labels to put on the back of each character. I labeled each Book of Mormon character with a trait, if the trait is one should strive to be like, it is marked with a superhero icon. My hope is my children can learn more about the Book of Mormon and they will try to follow the good examples of the Book of Mormon characters. 

Here are some other wonderful links I used

Look Under the Letter F for Funstuff and there are a ton of printouts to use from the Friend Magazine.  There are mazes, matching games, hidden pictures, puzzles and more. Below is one example of a hidden picture activity:

There are different activities such as word searches, coloring pages, and cross word puzzles. 

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