July 15, 2013

Baseball themed family reunion shirts

This summer we had a family reunion with my family. It has been about 2 or 3 years since all the siblings have been together. My older sister joked about making matching t-shirts but I thought it was a great idea. I had already made matching skirts for my niece so I decided it would be fun to have matching shirts not only for them but for everyone. We also bought matching basketball shorts for all the nephews.

I decided on a baseball theme and color coded the shirts.
Each color represents a family. 

I designed the shirts in Word and then printed onto heat transfer paper. On the back of the heat transfer package, there are directions for how to print your image and how to transfer your image onto the shirt.

For the grandchildren shirts, I had their birth order and names on the back.

On the back of the shirts for my parents it says Coach Papa and Coach Monga; these are the names the grandchildren call them.
Then for all the siblings and spouses it says Assistant Coach.

This is the skirt I made for my nieces. 
Click here for my previous post on how to make this skirt.

The family

Papa and Monga with the Grandchildren

The grandchildren line up in birth order

A back view of the grandchildren 

The siblings

The in-laws

The siblings and spouses doing prom poses with my brother being stag.

The grandchildren loved their shirts. I think one of my nieces wore hers almost everyday. It was a great family reunion and was so fun to spend time with all of my family!

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