January 26, 2013

How to make a King of Hearts Valentine card

Here is our families 2013 Valentines card. I saw this idea and I have two boys so I thought it would be a fun valentine to send to our family members and have both of their pictures on the card. Below are steps of how I made our card. This is my disclaimer, I am sure there are easier ways of  making this card but this is how I figured it out!

1.  I started with finding the pictures I wanted to use and opened them using the Paint program. Then on the top left side, you will click on on the word "select" and choose "free-form select." Next you will outline what you want in the picture. Afterwards, right click in the area you outlined, and click on "crop". 

2. Next I found a free King of Hearts template. Click here for the link. You will scroll down the page and find Queen/King of Hearts Card. Then save the image.

3. I then opened the Queen/King of Hearts Card template in Adobe Photoshop and cropped the image to King of Hearts, then saved as a JPEG image.

4. Now you are all ready to put it together. I choose to do mine in Word.  This will be really wordy but this will be the easiest way for me to explain how I did it. You will want to insert the King of Hearts image and your child's image. First you will want to right click on each picture and change the wrap text to tight. After that, right click on the King of Hearts image and find the send to back link, then choose "send behind text". Then right click on your child's image and find the bring to front link and choose "bring in front of text." This will now allow you to drag your child face onto the King of Hearts image and let you place it where you would like. 

5. I then inserted a text box to add my text in. Afterwards, I saved the page as a PDF. Then reopened the PDF form in Adobe Photoshop so I could save it as an image. Now you will ready to print the Valentines. I hope this was more helpful than confusing!

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